Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diversity in Leadership

1.) Diversity in Leadership
2.) i learned that to be a leader you need to be accepting of all groups and find ways to include everyone despite how diverse they are. I learned that we need to put our own thinking of cultural correctness aside to correctly understand others and their lifestyles. I also saw my analytical characteristic express itself when I interpreted the skit in an abnormal way and was correct. It showed me a great example of how I am actually analytical.
3.) It is important for leaders to be sensitive to other cultures because insensitivity causes negative feelings and may result in jobs not being completed or goals not being reached. One thing I can think of is how America is not sensitive to all religions which causes certain groups to refuse to work with the government causing the nations goals not to be reached. If they become more sensitive people will be more likely to support the government and feel like they are not being discriminated against.
4.) I believe we need to have our own set values but when it comes to how we handle and encounter other people we need to have a neutral view. Our own values will shape how we live but when it comes to others we need to make sure our own values don't get in the way. I believe leadership is better when it is ethical but not necessarily more productive. Great corrupt leaders have accomplished and keep accomplishing great things that may surpass what moral leaders do. But in no way is the corrupt leadership better and should not be accepted.

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