Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept 13

1.) What is a leader? What is Leadership? 
2.) I learned who is in the Falcon Leadership Institute along with me, which was enjoyable to briefly get to know everyone. I learned that there is no specific definition of leadership and that it varies between every individual, which is important to realize when discussing the qualities and leadership in general. I learned about the retreat we are taking and that we will be wearing ourFLI shirts on sunday not saturday which is important because we wouldn't want to ruin our new shirts. 
3.) My view on leadership has not changed because I learned that there is not a specific definition for leadership.  A teacher I had in high school would show us historical leaders that were considered very great in there time period. he would challenge us with the argument that they were a great leader despite of their bad decisions. By doing this we would have to question our understanding of a leader and look at it from a different point of view.  
4.) Someone who serves and leads at the same time is someone that will humble themselves and sacrificing the leading role to help someone else. Although they are serving they can still maintain the qualities of leadership in areas other than being in charge, for example they can use their leadership qualities of communication or confidence or innovative ideas to help serve. 
Must be a problem solver

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  1. Dominic, Did you finish that cube? If so... very impressive!! Also, I agree about your perspective of serving and leading for sure, communication & confidence is key!