Thursday, September 5, 2013

August 30

1.) Introduction/ Team Building and Schedule

2.) I learned we will do a service project and that it will be a very large and substantial project. I learned we have to blog and respond to two other people's blogs. i learned will be assigned a mentor later on in the year.

3.) I am from Columbus OH were I have lived in the same house my whole life. I have 3 other sibling one of which is a senior in college. My major is mathematics, I play the tenor saxophone and love basically all music. I am apart of the SMART program here at BG. I love sports, my favorite to play and watch is soccer. I am an introvert but I am really trying to open up and become a great leader this year. A great ear I have is probably the fear of letting people down and not living up to their expectations. My goal is to be confident in what I believe in and what I do and not let anyone persuade me otherwise, as well as become a better leader in my own special way.

4.) Someone who has integrity, is willing to serve, and someone who will do the right thing despite outward pressure.



  1. I also enjoy soccer even though I am not very good. Maybe we could form an intramural team together in the spring. I also really like your definition of leadership. I believe service is the best way to be a leader.

  2. I played soccer in high school too :) What position do you play? I played mostly fullback.

    1. I played center back as a junior and senior but as an underclassman I played every offensive position.