Tuesday, January 14, 2014

December 6

1.) Reflection and Spring 2014 Goal Setting
2.) It was confirmed in my head that we are capable of pulling off the project. I learned that we are very well supported for our project and we have many resources at our fingertips we just need to take the initiative. I learned that even though this semester did not go perfectly I still accomplished many things that I set out to do.
3.) I am looking forward to the classes I am taking next semester. I feel confident about the service project and like it is well withing reach. One goal that I have is to contact someone about craft supplies for our project and I plan to accomplish this by emailing this person before we start the second semester.
4.) My plans for the winter break include much sleeping and family time, but also I am going to a church conference in Indianapolis over New Years to celebrate the life God has given me and worship my creator.

October 18

1.) Personal Identity
2.) I learned that we all have strengths and non-strengths. No one has weaknesses just things they are not as strong at. I learned what my top strengths are and how I compare and contrast with everyone else. I thought it was interesting to see how the words and descriptions both fit almost exactly and also within the same word contrasted so much. Although we can attribute these five words to ourselves no one word can fully defind our complex personalities.
3.) I think they fit me well since I view myself as most of the words described me as. I think it is important for us as leaders to know our strength so we know who we can lead correctly and how we can lead a group with great success. It makes me feel confident that who I believe I am is who I am described as based on the test.
4.) In middle school I was in charge of creating a class newspaper for a project with all the students in the class under my lead. Since I am generally calm and kind it was hard to get people to take me seriously when it came to me laying down the rules for there  part in the project. Even though I may have lead them well, because of there preconception about me it was hard to get my role of being in charge understood by them. I ended up feeling like I was not a good leader and I did not have the qualities to lead well. 

September 27

1.) Why does leadership matter? Relational and servant leadership
2.) I learned who my mentor is for this institute. I learned about the relational leadership model and the components of it. I learned about servant leadership and the importance of not just a leader but a leader that is  also a servant.
3.) I think an important part of servant leadership would be a willingness to serve. Without the willingness to lower yourself to be a servant the whole meaning of a servant leader is missed. I feel good about my mentor and am glad about who I get to talk to.
4.) I am looking forward to getting to know the group better to see what we are capable of once we are comfortable with each other.  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Leadership Academy

1.) In order to be a leader you most likely have to be crazy and different than the norm. If you can be different then nothing will set you apart that people will want to follow. I must make choices that line up with my values with duration and intensity to be the best leader I can be. I learned that even though it is ok that core values change over time mine have not which have greatly effected how I live and lead.
2.) My favorite part of the day was writing the newspaper titles 10 years later in our lives. I think the most valuable thing I will take away from this experience is that to be crazy enough to do something alone or out of the ordinary is what can make me a great leader and if I do then I must do it with intensity and duration all the way through.
3.) Values guide your decisions, Ethics mold those decisions, and Commitment carries those decisions out.
4.) Ethics make you a great leader to all that allows you to connect with everyone despite their differences. for our service project we will have to make decisions that will not seclude anyone and will help shape our decisions into ones that can be a help to anyone.
5.) Imagine a $10 gift card to Myles here...

Archie Bunkers Neighborhood

1.) Ethics
2.) The quality of being adequate or sufficient in a certain area.
3.) I learned that we still need to be aware of prejudices towards some people today. I learned that we can have these social preferences that are offensive to others and though we do not mean to be we must be aware of it and change it. I learned that a lot of the time to avoid w=awkward situations or situations we do not like we laugh to relieve that feeling.
4.) The most shocking thing to me was how blunt the people in charge of the town were to get the point across.
5.) My thoughts towards it now have lead me to want to avoid being apart of that cruelty causing me to check my actions.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diversity in Leadership

1.) Diversity in Leadership
2.) i learned that to be a leader you need to be accepting of all groups and find ways to include everyone despite how diverse they are. I learned that we need to put our own thinking of cultural correctness aside to correctly understand others and their lifestyles. I also saw my analytical characteristic express itself when I interpreted the skit in an abnormal way and was correct. It showed me a great example of how I am actually analytical.
3.) It is important for leaders to be sensitive to other cultures because insensitivity causes negative feelings and may result in jobs not being completed or goals not being reached. One thing I can think of is how America is not sensitive to all religions which causes certain groups to refuse to work with the government causing the nations goals not to be reached. If they become more sensitive people will be more likely to support the government and feel like they are not being discriminated against.
4.) I believe we need to have our own set values but when it comes to how we handle and encounter other people we need to have a neutral view. Our own values will shape how we live but when it comes to others we need to make sure our own values don't get in the way. I believe leadership is better when it is ethical but not necessarily more productive. Great corrupt leaders have accomplished and keep accomplishing great things that may surpass what moral leaders do. But in no way is the corrupt leadership better and should not be accepted.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Retreat Reflection Prompt

1.) I learned about the importance of planning things to best complete a task. I learned that this group is really cool and I'm glad I am in the group with everyone. I learned that getting everyone to to the top of a 12 foot wall is actually possible and extremely exciting to accomplish. 
2.) My favorite part of the retreat was when we did the high ropes course with all the challenges.  Something I learned was how cool everyone is. Something I learned that will help is how well we can work together. Once we became comfortable with each other we were able to accomplish tasks better. 
3.) My highest strength would be my ability to think things through and present ideas to the group. My biggest area of improvement is being comfortable with the group and sharing my ideas.
What no one would do with me.